Mushroom Spawn CSA

Mushroom CSA

What is a CSA?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture, it’s a model of supporting a producer by buying-in to the product early, like a micro-investment, with your return being the product itself, in it’s freshest most direct form. In our case the product is a diversity of edible and medicinal mushroom spawn, released in the right season for using it, delivered anywhere in the mainland US or Canada.

Winter/Spring 2015

We are proud to offer this unique opportunity for you to purchase a share in the future offerings of Mushroom Spawn, Research, and Education at Fungi For The People

Why Join?

We are a non-profit Research and Education organization working to enable people to work with fungi, your purchase further enables our research, expands our offering of cultivation materials, as well as helps further develop our educational offerings. By advance purchasing through this CSA you will be helping us reach our goals as well as receiving membership discounts.

What is offered?

From February through May we will be releasing 4 monthly “Spawn Shares”, a package of live, growing mycelium seasonally appropriate and made available on a planting calendar. Each release will include printed directions and suggestions for the included mushroom varieties, as well as FREE ACCESS to the accompanied Hands-On workshop in Eugene, Oregon for Members who can join us.

Mushroom Spawn Styles:

  • Dowel Plug Spawn in 100 and 1,000 pack varieties
  • Mushroom Garden Patch Kits (5+ Lb sawdust based blocks)
  • Mushroom Fruiting Kits (5+ Lb sawdust based blocks)

This high quality Mushroom Spawn, produced by us at Fungi For The People, is grown on sustainable and locally sourced materials. We make creative use of waste streams, incorporating spent coffee grounds, brewery waste, and lumber industry by-products. Appropriate technologies such as fuel efficient rocket stoves, bicycle transport, and re-used materials are employed in our process.

Spawn Share Release Calendar:

February 15th, 2015 : Dowel Plug Packs of

  • Shiitake
  • Lion’s Mane
  • Maiitake
  • Phoenix Oyster
  • Nameko

March 15th, 2015: Dowel Plug Packs of

  • Reishi
  • Hemlock Reishi
  • White Elm Oyster
  • Golden Oyster
  • Turkey Tail

April 12th, 2015: Mushroom Patch Kits of

  • King Stropharia ( Garden Giant )
  • Shaggy mane

May 10th, 2015: Mushroom Patch Kits of

  • White Elm Oyster
  • Prince Agaricus
  • Black Morel

Dowel Plug Spawn for Logs will be available February and March. This is a seasonally appropriate time to start mushroom logs, by harvesting wood in the Winter and allowing a few week’s time to pass the wood will be ready for Spawn treatment.

Mushroom Garden Kits will be made available beginning in April with cold tolerant varieties, just in time to give your space the Spring mulching it needs. May brings our Late-Spring release of mushrooms who prefer to run the warming soils of early Summer.

Package Options:

$20   Mushroom Hobby Kit   Order Form

  • 1 Mushroom Garden Patch Kit (5lbs)
    Or   2 Dowel Plug Packs (100 dowels each) Our most basic option, gets you growing the mushrooms you want most.

$40   Mushroom Project Kit   Order Form

  • 2 Mushroom Garden Patch Kits ( 5 lbs Each)
    Or   4Dowel Plug Packs (100 dowels each)
  • Enjoy first-dibs on a handful of mushroom Kits of your choosing, with options for Dowel Plug Packs and Mushroom Patches. A great package for first-time growers and family projects, or for the seasoned grower looking to secure a supply of our limited seasonal offerings such as Morels, Prince Agaricus, or Nameko

$100   Mushroom Gardener Kit   Order Form

  • All 5 Garden Patch Kits (5 lbs each)

$100 Mushroom Log-Yarder Kit   Order Form

  • All 10 Mushroom Plug Varieties

$200   Mushroom Homesteader Starter Kit  Order Form

  • All 10 varieties of Mushroom Plugs (100 dowels each)
    PLUS  All 5 Varieties of Mushroom Garden Patches (5lbs each)
  • One of every option in the CSA, this package brings you a diverse spread of delicious and useful fungi to grow both inside and outdoors. Perfect for gardeners interested in both expanding their harvest and further improving soil and plant health. Permaculturalist, Orchardist, Landscaper, and Urban Farmer, if you revel in diverse, productive landscapes this is the right package!

$500   Mushroom Farmer Starter Kit  Order Form

  • 12 Large Dowel Plug Kits (1,000 plugs Each)
  • Or    30 Mushroom Fruiting Kits ( 5 lbs Each)
  • Or    55 Mushroom Fruiting Mini-Kits (2.5lbs Each)

    The best place to start for venturing into commercial mushroom growing and serious subsistence mushroom production is Bulk Pre-Ordering mushroom spawn. Dowel Plug Spawn for Log Cultivation and Mushroom Fruiting Kits are all available here, with custom choices for your project goals.

Membership is Limited and first registered, first served …

  • Order soon to ensure that your projects have the Mushroom Spawn you need. CSA Registration closes January 18th, 2015

Delivery and Pick-up logistics

Local members in Oregon, the pick-up sight is located at:

  • Fungi For The People
    4th and Lincoln
    Eugene, Oregon
  • Pick-Up is also made available at the Eugene Mushroom Gardening Workshops which accompany each CSA Share release.

For members needing delivery:

  • Mushroom Spawn CSA is Currently Limited to Mainland United States and Canada, thank you for understanding.
  • A shipping charge will be calculated and billed to you in advance of each monthly “Spawn Share”. We Will Not automatically charge, a quote will be emailed to you, and delivery made upon payment.

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