Grow Mushrooms from your Christmas Tree!


    The Perfect Stocking-Stuffer for the Mushroom Lovers and Gardeners on your Holiday gift list, these Oyster Mushrooms will turn the leftover Christmas tree into a delicious gift that keeps on giving!

     With this dowel plug spawn of our unique strain of Phoenix Oyster mushrooms, instead of leaving your tree on the curb, use this Value-Adding method to get seasonal fruits of Oyster Mushrooms for 3-4 years.


  • Phoenix Oyster Mushroom Dowel Plugs ( Live Item, Approx. 100 )

    Made in the USA from sustainably harvested products.

  • Detailed Instructions with Pictures

You Will Need:

  • 1-2 Defunct Christmas trees ( all standard types: Fir and Spruce )

  • Drill

  • 3/8 inch Drill Bit

  • Hammer


  1. Remove and compost the tired branches of the tree

  2. Drill 2 rows of 3/8 inch holes down the length of the trunk, approx. 4 inches apart, and 1.25 inches deep.

  3. Hammer in the dowel plug spawn flush to the bark of the wood, in all of the drilled holes.

  4. Details for long-term care, both inside or outdoor, are included with purchase.

The kit comes with enough plugs for 1 Eight foot tree. (Approx. 100 Dowel Plugs). Step-By-Step instructions are included to help guide you to successful year-round mushroom growing, with creative ideas for indoor and outdoor care.


We will ship anywhere in the continental U.S. for $5

 Shipped Orders:

  • The next Shipped orders will leave Dec. 22th, 2015

Local pick-up:

  • December 22th, 2015, Eugene, Oregon




5 thoughts on “Grow Mushrooms from your Christmas Tree!

    • Hello Maple,
      I have shipped things to Canada before, If you are interested there would be an increase in the shipping to get it to you, but we should be able to accommodate. If you order I can send you a shipping rate.

      Ja Schindler
      Fungi For The People

  1. Interesting.
    What kind of trees do you use for Christmas trees there? Up in Canada most of us use evergreens/softwood eg: Scotts pine, Spruce, Balsam fir, etc… seems that oyster variant grows on hardwoods.

    • Tammy,

      We use the same trees here. This mushroom species, and in particular this strain, grows well on Firs, Spruce, and even Pine. Phoenix Oyster (Plurotus pulmonarius), is commonly found on conifers and hardwoods alike,this strain is from Colorado, found at 10,000 ft elevation, on Ponderosa Pine. It will, in fact, be happy to eat your leftover Christmas Tree!

      Thanks for the questions,

      Be wild, be well,
      Ja Schindler
      Fungi For The People

      • Thanks for the reply. How long does it take for fruiting? Our growing season is short between hard frosts. It can get as cold as -40 or so for a couple weeks at a time. I am in Central Ontario. It would be quite kewl to be able to line 1/2 dozen old Christmas trees along my fence or make a ‘crib’ out of a bunch of them in a more shaded area. Our summers at times can also get quite hot/dry. Will direct sun kill the mycelium?

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