Mushroom Log Workshop announced for Eugene:

Where:  1315 Sunnyside Drive, Eugene, Oregon, 97404 When: February 16th 2014, 12-4pm  Come join us in Eugene, Oregon for an afternoon Mushroom Gardening workshop! This is the second in a Series of workshops for Growing Mushrooms at home, both Outside and in the Greenhouse. In this Workshop we will work with mushrooms that grow well on…


Sloth Hair as a Novel Source of Fungi with Potent Anti-Parasitic, Anti-Cancer and Anti-Bacterial Bioactivity

From The extraordinary biological diversity of tropical forests harbors a rich chemical diversity with enormous potential as a source of novel bioactive compounds. Of particular interest are new environments for microbial discovery. Sloths – arboreal mammals commonly found in the lowland forests of Panama – carry a wide variety of micro- and macro-organisms on…

desertification of farmland

Fungi enhanced climate tolerant agriculture :

This an area of serious interest to us at Fungi For The People, and we will be offering courses on cultivating and working with beneficial mycorrhizal fungi later in 2014, so stay tuned for that as well. from IRIN News: A matter of urgency JOHANNESBURG, 7 November 2012 (IRIN) – As temperatures soar and droughts…

Mushroom Street Art | Mexico City, Mexico

Mushroom Street Art

A collection of mushroom related street art from around the globe and around the net. If you have any additions you would like to see here just submit them to the site and we will connect with you about it. Enjoy:

Enoki  |  sketch by James Jean

Enoki | Flammulina velutipes

aka: Velvet Foot, Winter Mushroom, Enokitake Etymology Flammulina is derived from the Latin flammeus, meaning “small flame”, referring to the color. Velutipes is the conjunction of two latin words: velutinus, meaning “covered with fine hairs”, and pes or “foot”, in reference to the hairy stem base. Long regarded as one of the more desirable Winter…