Portland Mushroom Cultivation Weekend -November 23-24 2013- Portland, Oregon


Join us for 2 full days of Hands-On Mushroom Cultivation training at the Planet Repair Institute with Ja Schindler and Fungi For the People.

We will spend the weekend exploring many exciting approaches to home and small business scale edible and medicinal mushroom growing, with a strong focus on growing regionally appropriate varieties on easily accessible recycled materials. The entire process is worked through in a hands-on format and everyone will leave with the materials and know-how to start growing their own.

Fall is the best time of year to start mushroom cultures and to grow out for early Spring planting. In this workshop we will focus on building a variety of skills:

Main Themes of the Weekend:

-Introductory Lab training for isolating edible and medicinal wild mushrooms and growing out a healthy supply of tissue culture.

-A progression of mushroom growing techniques for establishing a variety of perennial outdoor mushroom patches.

-Greenhouse and Indoor mushroom growing with sensibility and creativity.

- Mushroom Identification and Urban Foraging skills via neighborhood forays to uncover a multitude of mushroom habitats.

- Cultivation tool making and planning growing calendars for starting with a modest budget and keeping a running workflow.

- MycoRemediation practices on the home and community level, this includes MycoFiltration, Soil Building, and MycoPesticides.

-Waste Redemption: we will cover a wide range of sources for free mushroom growing materials.

-Nutritional and Medicinal health impacts.

Mushroom identification and ecology are taught as well, with foraging walks through the neighborhood, and we will bring wild mushrooms into cultivation during the course, a very valuable skill as some of the best mushrooms to grow are the ones already out your back door. A variety of accessible laboratory skills as well as a plethora of outdoor mushroom cultivation practices will be covered.

MycoRemediation is also highlighted in this course and we will dive into the growing practices of working with Fungi to heal damaged land and degrade toxins.


This Course Also Includes:

 75 Page Workbook: Details on a variety of cultivation techniques, material choices, glossary of terms, and technical references.

Mushroom Spawn:  You will get 4 species of edible and medicinal mushrooms to leave with!

Wholesome Meals:  A healthy lunch and refreshments will be provided both days. It is vegetarian and gluten free, prepared by our hosts at Planet Repair Institute.

Class Time: 10am to 7pm both days |  Lunch 1-2pm


Pricing Structure:

Full Course with Printed Workbook, Lunches, Mushroom Spawn – $ 175 – Register Here


Full Course with PDF Format Workbook, without Lunch or Spawn – $ 100 – Register Here

There is still open space to join !

Note: The work-trade positions have been filled.


We will work with Gourmet and Medicinal mushrooms including:

White Elm Oyster – Hypsizygus ulmarius 

Reishi –  Ganoderma tsugae

Garden Giant -  Stropharia rugoso-annulata

Shiitake – Lentinula edodes          

Shaggy Mane – Coprinus comatus

Prince Agaricus – Agaricus agustus

Lions’s Mane – Herecium erinaceus

Blewit – Clitocybe nuda


Planet Repair Institute is located in the Sellwood Neighborhood of SE Portland, and has developed as a thriving urban Permaculture homestead and demonstration site, more information HERE


About the Instructor:

Ja SchindlerIMG_3998

I believe strongly in the further development of cultivation culture, and I want to help bring you into the field of community and Earth work through mushroom cultivation. As a native of Detroit, Michigan, my appreciation of food security and environmental justice began at a young age, and a severe interest in Fungi brought me to the NorthWest ten years ago to study fungi in both the natural world and in the laboratory, as well as working with mushroom farms in the US and Canada.

After a number of mushroom farming experiences left me with the feeling that the practice needed to become much more accessible and commonplace, I founded Fungi For the People in 2010, a mushroom cultivation research and education organization based in Eugene, Oregon that has facilitated hands-on learning to over 1,500 individuals (and counting) from many walks of life. I have has also studied with Princeton Groundwater and the University of Florida, Gainesville, with ongoing cultivation and remediation projects spanning the region and country.

Registration Contact Form:

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