Making a King Stropharia Bed Video


-Here in Eugene we can easily get supplies of fresh Douglas Fir woodchips, but most folks would do well (or better) with fresh woodchips from hardwood trees such as Alder, Maple, BIrch, Cottonwood (Poplar), and other non-aromatic hardwoods.

-If your woodchips are dry, you should soak them for 12-24 hours in well or rain water (we were using rain water here)

-One of the most important things about King Stropharia bed placement is that there will be good close shade to the bed, and that the wind is very low.  This greenhouse blocks the wind, and the variety of plants grow here will cover close to the path, which had previously just soaked up much of the excess water is a muddy trench.  We now enjoy a spongy elevated walking surface, which holds the excess water nicely

-King Stropharia beds have been know to attract bees and control nematodes (as well as provide delicious mushrooms!)

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