Community Mushroom Cultivation: keynote presentation and hands-on workshop with Ja Schindler , Tacoma, WA, April 4-5th



Community Mushroom Cultivation

Growing for Resilience

Presentation at PLU Food Symposium with a hands-on workshop at the Swan Creek Park Food Forest by Ja Schindler

Friday April 4th – Fungi For the People:

A talk on learning from Fungi to adapt in an ever-changing world, with strategies for working with Mushrooms to solve problems in Food and Environmental Justice, putting power back into the hands of the people.

PLU Food Symposium 7pm – 8:30pm @ PLU Scandinavian Center, 12180 South Park Ave. Tacoma, WA


Saturday April 5th – Mushroom Food Forests:

A hands-on workshop for growing edible mushrooms in perennial food systems, uncovering fungal interplay in Canopy Layers and Habitat Zones.

10am – 3pm @ Swan Creek Park Food Forest E. 42nd & E. Roosevelt, Tacoma, WA

Free event, Donations are welcome !

A wide variety of mushroom spawn will be available for purchase on Saturday

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