Mushroom Gardening Workshop this Sunday in Eugene, Nov 2

Mushroom gardening

Growing edible mushrooms as annual and perennial patches is the focus of this Hands-On workshop. We will use a variety of common mulch materials to plant out King Stropharia, Wood Blewit, Elm Oyster, and Black Morel mushrooms in gardens and landscapes on-site. Multitudes of techniques will be discussed and demonstrated, with plenty of opportunity for questions and discussion.  Feel free to bring any mushrooms you have been finding to be identified!

The workshop takes place outside on our 1acre urban homestead in he River Road community, and we will have hot medicinal mushroom tea on tap to keep our fingers and minds moving!

Topics and Activities:

  • Introduction to Mushroom Ecology, with the focus on Soil Mushrooms
  • Material choices and processing
  • Site Reading and Landscape Integration
  • Mushroom Species specifics and appropriate plantings
  • Mushroom Patch installation and maintainence

Materials Available:

Raw materials and Mushroom Spawn available for purchase on-site

  • King Stropharia, Wood Blewit, Black Morel, and Elm Oyster mushroom kits $20
  • Sawdust, woodchips, and biochar are also available

Workshop Cost: $20 – 40 sliding scale per person

Location: Close-in River Road Neighborhood address given upon registration

Registration: Pay Here

Phone: (586)321-9727

Or though contact form below:




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