Mushroom Log Cultivation Workshop, Eugene, Or – This Sunday 11/16

Mushroom Log Workshop

     Hands-On Mushroom Log Growing Workshop with Ja Schindler and Fungi For The People this Sunday, November 16th. We will meet from 12-4pm and transform a variety of fresh hardwood logs into a mushroom garden on-site.

     This is a great opportunity to get involved in learning new food growing skills as well as discovering a deeper understanding of mushrooms and ecology.  This workshop is the 2nd of a 4-part series on Growing Mushrooms at Home, with each session focusing on a different realm of home scale mushroom growing.  This workshop lays the foundation for working with Logs as a mushroom growing medium, and the supplies for growing your own projects will be available at a discount during the workshop.

A Soup and Tea will be served during the workshop made of the mushrooms we will be growing!

Mushrooms we will work with: Shiitake, Oyster, Turkey Tail, and Velvet Foot

Cost of the workshop:  Siding scale $20-40

Address: 1315 Sunnyside Dr, Eugene, Oregon

Contact: Ja Schindler ,, (586)321-9727

To Register: Fill out form Below, then either Pay Online, or Pay with Cash or Card at Workshop

Checks are NOT accepted

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