Eugene’s Mushroom Adventure Weekend and Mount Pisgah Mushroom Festival

mushroom flyer

Today kicks off the First  Mushroom Adventure Weekend  in Eugene!

Cascade Mycological Society has organized a new expansion on the well known Mount Pisgah Mushroom Festival, and this is how Fungi For The People is getting involved:

Thursday, October 22nd: The Creeping Garden

We will be attending the special viewing of “The Creeping Garden”, a feature film on slime molds!

From 9pm to 11pm at Bijou Art Cinema , 492 East 13th Ave, Eugene, Oregon

Friday, October 23rd: 

Mushroom Gardening Workshop at Skinner City Farm

from 10:30am – 2pm Ja Schindler with Fungi For The People will be throwing a hands-on workshop all about seasonal outdoor mushroom gardening. Will will work with Mushroom Logs, Composts, and Mushroom patches at one of Eugene’s finest Community Gardens.   Many Mushroom Log and Patch kits will be available

10:30am – 2pm , Skinner City Farm, Washington at Cheshire, Eugene, Oregon

Friday, October 23rd:

Medicinal Mushroom Workshop at Bohemia Panacea

from 3pm – 6pm Valerie Nguyen with Fungi For The People will be presenting a smell, taste, and feel-good workshop on identifying and working with medicinal and useful mushrooms for your health. Mushroom tinctures and salves will be available

3pm – 6pm at Bohemia Panacea, 960 West 5Th Avenue, Eugene, Oregon

Saturday, October 24th:

Urban Mushroom Farm Opening IS POSTPONED! NOTICE!

We need to postpone our Grand Opening until a later date in the near future :'() With building a new farm there are many details and not everything lined up as we had hoped in time, so STAY TUNED! We will be having this event later in this Fall!

Sunday, October 25th: Mount Pisgah Mushroom Show

From 10am – 5pm at Mount Pisgah Arboretum the annual Mushroom Show will fulfill your mushroom dreams! This is one of the most well displayed and attended mushroom collections in the country, not to be missed! Fungi For The People will have a hands-on Mushroom Science booth inside the mushroom pavillion all day, so come on by!

34901 Frank Parrish Road, 97405



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