Financial Assistance

      Fungi For The People is a non-profit organization and we keep the course fees as low as our operating costs, striving to charge less than minimum-wage per course hour.

      We would love for you to join our courses so that you can empower yourself and your community with new skills and perspectives, so here are a few suggestions for funding assistance that previous students have had success in sourcing:

– Mycological Societies – 100’s of Local Chapters, most of which have educational grant funding.

– Puget Sound Mycological Society Grants

– Colleges and Universities- If you are an enrolled student it is common to receive field education grants.  This is by far the most common financial assistance that previous course attendees have received, and we can supply requested documents.

– Eco-Leadership Grants – Many organizations exist for innovation and technical training.

    We hope this helps, and please keep in touch with your progress or any questions.

    Also, if you are being sent by another program or by a business to join this course we would highly recommend pressing your organization or employer to cover funding, even if it is just partial funding, as it will advance their work as well.


-Ja Schindler and Fungi For the People



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