Limited Seasonal Editions: Mushroom Elixirs and Balms

New Medicinal Mushroom Products Available Online

Looking for a special gift for you or a loved one, made with organic ingredients and respectfully wildcrafted medicinal mushrooms and plants? Fungi For The People’s resident alchemist has made two new exciting mycobotanical remedies, crafted for those who seek a little extra mushroom resiliency during these cooler and darker months. These limited edition creations support mycological research and education.


Limited Edition Oregon Reishi Elixir infused with Fireweed Honey

While the bees were up in the high mountains, nuzzling the pollen of brilliant flaming flowered Fireweed, the mushroom-seeker walked the steep coastal rainforest ravines near the wide-mouthed rivers that dropped into the sea. She sought dark and difficult terrain, for gaping gulches that protected the old growth stands as they were, both alive and gone. In the spirit of those trees that passed, the mushroom-seeker found Reishi.

This Oregon Reishi (Ganoderma oregonense) tincture is a double extract: long-steeped in organic sugarcane alcohol (190 proof) and combined with a potent hot water extract concentrated over the course of several days. As a final touch, raw Fireweed wildflower honey brightens the mushroom’s deep earth tones with a sun-drenched sweetness.

Recommended dose: treat this tincture as a daily tonic, putting a dropper full into your morning herbal tea or preferred mode of hydration. Each 1 oz tincture contains a month’s worth.

1 oz Double Extract Honey Tincture: $10 + shipping ADD TO CART

2 oz Double Extract Honey Tincture: $20 + shipping ADD TO CART

Reishi Amber Protective Balm

Specially designed for the earthworker and mushroom cultivator in mind, this balm both soothes and protects dry, chapped skin.  This balm gives skin a healthy, luminous glow, with a super natural subtle refreshing sweetness of the Pacific Northwest forests. Traditionally, its chief herbal elements are resinous Cottonwood buds and medicinal Ganoderma mushrooms have been used to reduce inflammation and enhance circulation. Skin-nourishing organic sesame and olive oils are mixed with organic coconut oil for its antimicrobial properties. Massage amply into hands, feet, knees and elbows, smooth into joints and other in-betweens needing a little extra loving care.

For external use only.

Made with Wildcrafted Reishi Mushroom infused in Organic Coconut Oil; Coastal Spruce Resin and Calendula flower infused in Organic Mexican Sesame Oil; Wildcrafted Spring Black Cottonwood Buds infused in Organic Extra Virgin Californian Olive Oil; Organic Beeswax from the Olympic Peninsula.

1 oz Balm in Glass Jar: $10 + shipping ADD TO CART