Mushroom Growing CSA: Summer 2016

What is a Mushroom Growing CSA?

This is your opportunity to buy up to 12 species of edible and medicinal mushroom spawn to grow at home and receive it fresh from our farm, at the right time to cultivate. CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. It’s a model of community investing where buying the product early supports the farmer producing it.

What’s offered exactly?

From June through October we will release monthly “Spawn Shares”: a package of live growing mushroom mycelium seasonally appropriate and made available on a planting calendar. Each release includes printed directions and suggestions for the included mushroom varieties.

Why join?

We are a Mushroom Research and Education Farm working to enable people to work with fungi, your purchase further enables our research, expands our offering of cultivation materials, and  helps us further develop our educational offerings. By advance purchasing through this CSA you will be helping us reach our goals and receiving membership discounts.

Summer Mushroom Spawn Styles:

  • Mushroom Gardening Patch Kits (5 Lb sawdust based blocks)

  • Mushroom Indoor Fruiting Kits (5 Lb sawdust based blocks)

This high quality Mushroom Spawn is produced on our farm in Oregon, on sustainable and locally sourced materials. We make creative use of waste streams, incorporating mill sawdust, spent coffee grounds, and brewers grain. Appropriate technologies such as bicycle transport, solar power, and re-used materials are employed in our process.

Indoor / Greenhouse Mushroom Kit Package:

6 different varieties delivered ready to grow direct from the package!

  • King Oyster

  • Lion’s Mane

  • Red Reishi

  • Turkey Tail

  • Shiitake

  • Elm Oyster

Choose 3 for $55  or All 6 for $100  (plus shipping)

Mushroom Gardening Combo Kits:

6 varieties to grow in the garden soil as edible plant companions!

  • Garden Giant ( King Stropharia, Wine Cap)

  • Landscape Black Morel

  • Shaggy Mane

  • Wood Blewit

  • Milky Mushroom

  • Almond Agaricus

Choose 3 for $55 or All 6 for $100 (plus shipping)


Shipping and Pick-up logistics

  • Mushroom Growing CSA is Currently Limited to Mainland United States, thank you for understanding.

  • A shipping charge will be calculated and billed to you in advance of each monthly “Spawn Share”. We Will Not automatically charge, a quote will be emailed to you, and delivery made upon payment. Typically no more than $18 for a 2 block package.

  • Pick-Up is also made available at our farm in Lowell, Oregon.  We will schedule a pickup day in Eugene and Portland if there is enough demand for it.




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