Mushroom Cultivation Design Course, March – 2013

A full week of hands-on and ecologically appropriate mushroom cultivation!  This is a deep introduction to community and small-medium scale mushroom growing for food, medicine, and resiliency. It will be hosted at Lost Valley Educational Center, a permaculture homestead paradise here in Oregon… Click on the poster for full description:  

Mushroom Workshop Schedule for Spring 2013

Current Workshop  Schedule  March 10th, 2013  Mushroom Permaculture Workshop @ The Green Education Center (Econ Farm) Orlando, Florida – March 17th, 2013 Mushroom Food Forest Workshop @ Sandy, Oregon (Carpool from Portland, Oregon) – March 25-29th, 2013 5 Day Mushroom Cultivation Design Course @ Lost Valley Educational Center, Dexter, Oregon – March 31st, 2013 Mushroom Gardening Workshop @…

Round 3: Name That Mushroom !!

The first 2 people to correctly identify this mushroom TO THE SPECIES NAME will get $10 off a workshop of their choice, GO!   Identification Clues: White spore print Growing on Douglas Fir (in Oregon) Smells like pine Perennial polypore  

Making a King Stropharia Bed Video

Notes: -Here in Eugene we can easily get supplies of fresh Douglas Fir woodchips, but most folks would do well (or better) with fresh woodchips from hardwood trees such as Alder, Maple, BIrch, Cottonwood (Poplar), and other non-aromatic hardwoods. -If your woodchips are dry, you should soak them for 12-24 hours in well or rain…

Pop Quiz #3: Name that mushroom!

Click photos to ENLARGE Clues: Height 4cm, Width: 4cm Spore color: Pale pinkish white Veil: none Family: Tricholomataceae Habitat: Scattered under conifers, winter through spring in the North West Edibility: Edible, and smells of anise very strongly. Best dried and used as a flour in baking. First person to guess to the SPECIES gets $20…