Pink Oyster | Pleurotus djamor

Scholarship Announcement for 5-Day Courses in 2015!

Notice Application Deadline was March 1st and is now closed We are happy to announce that Fungi For The People has recently received a grant to offer 2 spaces in our upcoming 5-Day courses for 2015! With the increased costs of hosting workshops we have been working to find creative funding sources for securing spaces…

Enoki  |  sketch by James Jean

Enoki | Flammulina velutipes

aka: Velvet Foot, Winter Mushroom, Enokitake Etymology Flammulina is derived from the Latin flammeus, meaning “small flame”, referring to the color. Velutipes is the conjunction of two latin words: velutinus, meaning “covered with fine hairs”, and pes or “foot”, in reference to the hairy stem base. Long regarded as one of the more desirable Winter…

Mushroom Cultivation Design Course, March – 2013

A full week of hands-on and ecologically appropriate mushroom cultivation!  This is a deep introduction to community and small-medium scale mushroom growing for food, medicine, and resiliency. It will be hosted at Lost Valley Educational Center, a permaculture homestead paradise here in Oregon… Click on the poster for full description:  

Mushroom Workshop Schedule for Spring 2013

Current Workshop  Schedule  March 10th, 2013  Mushroom Permaculture Workshop @ The Green Education Center (Econ Farm) Orlando, Florida – March 17th, 2013 Mushroom Food Forest Workshop @ Sandy, Oregon (Carpool from Portland, Oregon) – March 25-29th, 2013 5 Day Mushroom Cultivation Design Course @ Lost Valley Educational Center, Dexter, Oregon – March 31st, 2013 Mushroom Gardening Workshop @…