Mushroom Cultivation Weekend Workshop – Dexter, Oregon

DexterOct2016MCWFlyerMushroom Cultivation Weekend

October 8th – 9th 2016

Dexter, Oregon (address given upon Registration)

@ Feel Good farm


Lunches, Dinners, Camping, Mushroom Cultures, and a trip to the Hot Spring!


On the weekend of October 8th – 9th 2016, we will present our full 2-day course of Hands-On mushroom cultivation techniques for growing at home.


Join us at Feel Good Farm in Dexter, Oregon, an actively growing 6 acre farm for a unique experience amidst a productive homesteading community. Located 15 miles SouthEast of Eugene, Oregon, nestled in the foothills of Oregon’s Cascade mountains.


We will spend the weekend exploring many accessible approaches to home and homestead scale mushroom growing. A strong focus will be on growing regionally appropriate gourmet and medicinal varieties with easily accessible materials. The entire process is worked through in a hands-on format and everyone will leave with the materials and know-how to start growing their own mushrooms.


Fall is a great time of year to start mushroom growing and we will bring wild mushrooms into cultivation during the course, a very valuable skill as some of the best mushrooms to grow are the ones already out your back door. A variety of accessible laboratory skills as well as a plethora of outdoor mushroom cultivation practices will be covered.

Schedule For the Weekend:

Saturday, October 8th:

9:30am: Intro to Fungi and Mushroom Ecology

  • Ecology in the Field and Garden, Spore Printing, Identification, Low-Tech Spawn Methods

1:30pm : Lunch

Home Laboratory Introduction: Theory and Techniques

  • Where to start and basic equipment
  • Aseptic Technique, Agar, Grains, Sawdust, Sterilizing, Transferring, Storage and Organizing

  • Liquid Culturing and other Laboratory Techniques

7pm: Dinner

  • Dinner Presentation: 24 Mushrooms to grow through the Seasons

Sunday, October 9th:

9:30am: Bulking Up: Theory and Action:

  • Steam and Hot Water Pasteurization, Lime Bath, Cold Water Fermentation, Composting

1:30 pm: Lunch

Outdoor Mushroom Growing:

  • Patches, Gardens, and Working with Logs

Indoor Mushroom Growing:

  • Environments, Vessels, and Techniques

7 pm: Dinner

  • Dinner Presentation: Medicinal Mushrooms Preparation and Use

8pm: Hot Springs Adventure !


This is an excellent primer for those thinking of growing mushrooms for food and medicine, business, soil development, or personal pursuit.

Workshop Also Includes:

100+ Page Workbook: Details on a variety of cultivation techniques, material choices, glossary of terms, and technical references.

Mushroom Spawn:  You will receive cultures for growing your own:

  • 4 Pure Cultures on Petri Dishes:  Oyster, Shiitake, Reishi, and Lion’s Mane
  • 2 Packs of 100 Dowel Plugs for Logs:  Oyster and Shiitake Mushrooms
  • 2 Mushroom Growing Kits: Garden Giant and Oyster Mushrooms
  • Spawn is valued at over $450, much more than the workshop cost!

Organic Meals:

  • A healthy vegetarian and gluten free lunch and dinner will be provided both days. It’s amazing food!

Camping: Bring your own Tent or Hammock to camp with us on our 6 acre rural homestead for Free, shower available. 

Offsite Lodging: The workshop is located a short distance to a variety of accommodations in the city of Eugene and the town of Dexter, at your cost and arrangement. These are some of our suggestions:

Class Time: 9:30am to 7:30pm both days |  Lunch 1:30-2:30 pm | Dinner at 7pm

Pricing Options:

  • $ 275 USD for the Weekend Includes:    Camping, Lunches, Dinners, Printed Workbook, and all Mushroom Spawn

  • Register HERE


  • $200 USD option for Instruction and Workbook ONLY ( No  food or spawn)

  • Register HERE


About the Instructor

Ja Schindler:

I believe strongly in the further development of cultivation culture and I want to help bring you into the  field of community and earth work with Mycology. As a native of Detroit, Michigan, my appreciation for food security and environmental justice began at a young age, and a severe interest in Fungi brought me to the NorthWest ten years ago to study fungi in nature and the laboratory, as well as working with mushroom farms in the US and Canada.

After a number of mushroom farming experiences I was left with the feeling that the practice needed to become much more accessible, sustainable, and commonplace. In response I founded Fungi For The People in 2011, an organization focused on mushroom cultivation research and education, based in Eugene, Oregon.  We have now facilitated hands-on learning to over 3,000 individuals (and counting) from many walks of life around the world. In 2013 we traveled the United States for 7 months offering workshops and engaging with food and environmental justice communities. This year we have been building our evolving Mushroom Homestead learning center as well as a research laboratory in downtown Eugene.


For More information contact Ja directly here:

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