Upcoming Workshops

Below are the dates of our upcoming educational offerings, with new events being listed, Follow our page to stay posted. If you would like to schedule an event or course contact us here.

Click on the Colored Titles to read the descriptions:

2017 Courses:


November 27th – December 2nd  2017

Mushroom Cultivation Design Course


2018 Courses


March 26th – 31st  2018

Mushroom Cultivation Design Course


June 18th – 23rd  2018

Mushroom Cultivation Design Course


September 3rd – 8th  2018

Mushroom Cultivation Design Course

Testimonials :

Great class! I did Ja’s cultivation class at the end of march and my mycelium is growing as we speak! Great class Ja and Maria, the location was amazing the food fantastic and the people so friendly. Have a great tour and keep spreading the Fungi!
-Tina V. , Ashland, Oregon

Highly recommended! I did a work trade for Ja for one of the cultivation workshops in Eugene and learned more by helping out than I would have by just being in the workshop!!
-Angela, F, Montana

I had an awesome time at the Food Forest workshop! You guys rule!!!
-Becky P. , Portland, Oregon

Ja, I really learned so much yesterday at Terry’s. Thanks for teaching us!
-Thomas C. , Florida

Glad I got to check out your workshop, hope to see ya next Sunday.
-Michael M. , Eugene, Oregon

Had a blast at the workshop days Ja. Thanks for the ride home yesterday! Looking forward to finishing up things on Sunday!
-Michael W. , Eugene, Oregon

muchas gracias! mucha informacion superinteresante. los hongos son una fuente alimentaria muy importante…
-Mirtha G. , Asuncion, Paraguay

I know we had an amazing week! So much learning, fun, food, and great people.
-Anna W. , Mt. Hood, Oregon

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