Mushroom Cultivation Design Course Schedule

9:30 am

  • Hellos, Round of Introductions
  • Schedule,  Workbook,  Design Planning
  • Intro to Fungi:  Identification,  Lifecycle,  Ecology
  • Field Ecology Walk / Farm Tour

1-2pm  Lunch

  • Cultivation Overview
  • 1.5 hour Evening Presentation: Multitudes of Mushroom Varieties

6:30pm Break For Dinner

9:30am – Mushroom Lab 101:

  • Laboratory / Production Facility Tour
  • Intro to Lab Tools and Techniques
  • Wild Culturing
  • Spawn Making

1-2pm Lunch
2:30pm Mushroom Lab 201

  • Class Cleanroom Hands-On Sessions: Clone – Agar – Grain Spawn – Bulk Spawn

6:30pm Break for dinner
7:30pm 1.5 Hour Evening Presentation: Cultivation History and Future Potentials

9:30am – Bulk Materials

  • Sawdust prep and Sterilization Techniques
  • Straw prep and Pasteurization Techniques
  • Prep of other materials: coffee grounds, brewery grain etc.
  • Mushroom Composts

1-2pm Lunch
2:30pm – MycoPermaculture

  • Landscape Integration and Plant Partnerships
  • Creative Problem Solving with Mushrooms
  • Seasons and Bioregions
  • Outdoor Growing Projects

6:30 Break for Dinner
7:30pm 1.5 hour Evening Presentation: Making BioChar (Bonfire Session)

9:30am – Mushroom Medicine

  • Identification
  • Preparations and Uses
  • Effects and Doses

1-2pm Lunch
2:30pm Mushroom Lab 301: Advanced Skills

  • Strain Selecting
  • Culture Libraries
  • Liquid Culturing
  • Microscopy

4:30 Pm  – Indoor Mushroom Growing in-depth

  • Mushroom House design variables
  • Construction details
  • Materials and Equipment options and Use
  • Growth Schedule management
  • Harvesting, Storing, Packing

6:30pm Break for Dinner
7:30pm Continue Indoor Focus

9:30am – MycoRemediation:

  • MycoFilters
  • Chemicals vs. Heavy Metals
  • MycoPesticides
  • Anti-Desertification work
  • Project Planning
  • Growing Endomycorrhizae at Home
  • Accessing and Assessing Research Publications

1-2pm Lunch

  • MycoRemediation Continues
  • Design Plan Sharing and Growing Forward

6:30pm Break for Dinner
7:30pm Post-Course Hot Spring Adventure!

All-Day Wild Mushroom Foray in the Cascades

9am qi-gong session every morning for 20-30 minutes

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings are also available for

Open Lab Practice sessions, with staff guidance

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4 thoughts on “Mushroom Cultivation Design Course Schedule

  1. Hi,

    I saw that November 2022 is complete. If by any chance there is enough cancellation so I can get in please let me know.

    If I didn’t get enough chance for November 2022, I would be very happy to have the chance to join the group of March or November 2023.

    Thanks ahead

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