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Medicinal Mushroom Extracts by Fungi For The People are made through a double – extraction process, creating a balanced blend of concentrated polysaccharides (complex long-chain sugars) and potent alkaloids.  A pure alcohol extract is combined with a carefully long-brewed hot water mushroom tea extract.  We have used only the highest quality organic grape spirits (190 proof), gluten free and locally distilled in Oregon by Alchemical Solutions.  This makes the extract potent without the harshness of ethanol made from conventionally grown crops such as wheat or corn.  Each 1oz amber dropper bottle contains more than 1 month of medicine, following the recommended dose of 30 drops daily as a dietary supplement.

Turkey Tail

Trametes (Colorious) versicolor, organically grown on Alder wood by Fungi For The People.

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Found in many regions of the world, Turkey Tail (Trametes versicolor), has traditionally been regarded as an anti-cancerous tonic. Embraced by the Chinese National Ministry of Health and Japanese Ministry of Health as a legitimate complementary medicine for supporting immune-compromised individuals undergoing treatment for cancer, Turkey Tail brilliantly represents the power of mushrooms to endure throughout ancient and modern medicinal consciousness. Clinical studies have shown the exceptional value of Turkey Tail in helping the body distinguish between normal and cancerous cells, and improving the immune system’s ability to fight cancer. Another strength that separates it from other cancer combating therapies is its ability to do so without overwhelming the immune system or triggering an auto-immune response.

Trametes versicolor has been used to treat diseases of the lungs, the gastric tract, and the colon.  It assists in immune adaptation; increasing resilience to environmental stress and the adverse effects of other cancer treatments; boosts the body’s natural defenses with virtually no documented side effects; protects and nurtures recovery after chemotherapies.

The essence of this golden-hued tincture warmly energizes with a gentle grounding mellowness.

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Oregon Reishi


Ganoderma oregonense tinctures are made from mushrooms that have been respectfully wild-harvested from the Pacific Northwest coastal forests.

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Like other medicinal mushrooms, its active constituents are both immune-stimulating (polysaccharides, beta glucans) and antiviral (triterpenes, alkaloids). A close relation to the classical Reishi mushroom from Asia, “Ganoderma lucidum“, that is to this day intensely cultivated and widely revered by traditional herbal medicine practitioners, across a broad range of social and educational identifications, as the spirit (chi) mushroom of immortality. In Oregon’s mist-bringing forests, this pillowy-soft and shiny-capped shelf polypore grows on massive pillars of dead old-growth conifers, such as Hemlock and Spruce, that are undergoing their transformational journey back into the soil.

In Chinese pharmacology, Reishi has been studied for its chemopreventive effects and anticancer potential: research has shown that it eases chemotherapy-induced nausea, enhances the effectiveness of radiotherapy treatments, and increases the particular sensitivity of ovarian cancer cells to cisplatinum (an otherwise toxic inorganic chemotherapy drug based on heavy metal isolates, used to induce the breakdown of cancerous cells).

As a central nervous system relaxant, Reishi is known for its pain-relieving ability as well as radiation protection. It has been used to tonify or treat diseases of the liver and the gastric tract.

Due to its therapeutic cardiotonic activity, Reishi is anticoagulant so should be used with caution by those already on blood thinners.

The essence of this reddish-brown tincture soothes the nerves and inspires mental clarity.

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Inonotus obliquus, also known as Chaga, grows densely, absorbing and concentrating nutrients from the sappy inner bar of cold-climate Birch trees foresting the Northern hemisphere. Our tincture is made from Chaga wild-harvested from Maine and Canada.

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It is most widely used in Russian traditional folk medicine for its internal cleansing, anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties. Like many medicinal mushrooms, Chaga is rich in beta glucans: compounds which assist the immune system to adapt to a diversity of environmental stress. These beta glucans bind to Complement receptors – which are responsible for recognizing pathogens and cancer cells as “non-self” through mechanisms that are separate from the activity of antibodies.

Scientific research has shown Chaga’s potential to inhibit oxidative stress, lower blood sugar levels, and reduce toxicity associated with radiation. It has been studied intensely in Russia for its ability to ward off stomach cancer.

The essence of this tincture carries an uplifting vitality and equilibrium.

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These tinctures are to be taken as dietary supplements only.  The medicinal properties have not been confirmed by the FDA, so technically these statements are “not intended to treat, cure, or prevent any disease”. Consultation with a qualified health professional who specializes in natural medicine is recommended before use, especially if you have any serious medical conditions, are pregnant, breast feeding, or currently taking potentially conflicting medications.

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