Worktrade Info for MCDC 2022-2023

This upcoming year, we are offering up to 4 partial work-trade positions for each scheduled Mushroom Cultivation Design Course


  • 2 Pre-Workshop : work with us for 35 hours Tuesday – Sunday during the week prior to the workshop.  This will require outdoors and indoor work, and is best suited to someone with farming or gardening experience, the ability to work solo and with a group, and preferably experienced with hand tools.
  • 1 During Workshop : work during the workshop, helping primarily with setup and cleanup of daily workspaces. Minimal amounts of class-time will be missed, most of the help is needed before and after class each day.  2-Hour meeting at 3pm on the Sunday before the course begins is essential. Please do not apply if you already think you will miss this meeting, you will be asked to pay the difference in course fee to attend the course.
  • 1 Kitchen Help (full-time/part-time) : this position is for during the workshop, primarily prepping with lead chef before and/or and after class each day. 2-Hour meeting at 3pm on the Sunday before the course begins is essential. Full time ($450 discount) includes both morning and evening shifts, part time ($225 discount) allows for your choice of either.

What is offered:

  • $450 USD discount on the course price. Your cost would be $650 USD including everything listed on the course page.

We welcome people from any walks of life , and from any location , who need a discount in tuition to apply. If this work-trade discount is still financially challenging, contact us for aid to collaborate on seeking external scholarships and fundraising avenues.

Positions are given to the people we deem the most qualified in regards to:

  • Actual financial situation
  • Experience doing work
  • Character reference
  • Goals

If you are interested in applying please fill out the form below at your earliest convenience. The course dates and positions listed in the form are the ones which are currently open.  Positions will remain open until chosen applicants have paid the discounted $650 course rate.

Thank you from everyone at Fungi For The People, we look forward to helping you grow!

Work-Trade Application: