Orcas Island Mushroom Camp with Fungi For the People

September 15 – 18th 2017

Orcas Island, Washington

@ Orcasong Farm

Join us on beautiful Orcas Island this September for the first Orcas Island Mushroom Camp

Mushroom Identification / Ecology / Medicine / Cooking / Dyes and More!

4 Days of Mushroom Immersion with Fungi For the People on beautiful Orcas Island in the thick of wild mushroom season.  We will base out of Orcasong Farm, centrally located between our mushroom foray hikes, and a perfect venue for cookouts, classes, and camping for the extended weekend.

The weekend includes:

  • 4 days of mushroom foray and outdoor classroom time
  • Gourmet Meals with food pairings, teas, and cooking classes
  • On-site tent camping
  • 6 Gourmet and Medicinal Mushroom Cultures and Grow-at-Home kits
  • 100+ page workbook
  • Unforgettable adventures

Course Curriculum

Mushroom Ecology Track

4 Mushroom Identification / Guided Ecology Hikes at:

  • Mt. Constitution State Forest
  • Turtleback Mountain Preserve
  • Orcasong Farm gardens
  • Secret Coastal Forests
  • Discussing traditional and modern uses of fungi as we find them in the field and forest

Mushroom Identification

  • Choosing and using Dichotomous Keys in texts and online
  • Recognizing important poisonous mushrooms and look-alikes
  • Intro to Microscope Identification Techniques
  • Mushroom Photography for Identification and Surveying

Medicinal Arts Track

intro to:  Bioregional Herbalisms

  • Medicinal Mushroom Tea Ceremony
  • Respectfully practicing wildcrafting

Applying mushroom medicines:

  • herbal compress techniques for muscle relaxation
  • blending incense from the roots, trees, flowers and fungi that surround us
  • mushroom-infused balms for skincare

Kitchen arts :

  • Fungal Gastronomy : preparing and preserving mushrooms
  • FermentingFoods: Japanese Amazake and Indonesian Tempeh
  • Medicinal mushroom herbal broths

Dye and Sculptural Arts Track

  • Wildcrafting for natural dyes
  • Color catalysts: coaxing different colors out of the same mushroom
  • Dyeing silk scarves and wool clothing with mushrooms we find during the week, as well as dry ones we’ll bring on site
  • Mycotecture : playing with the regenerative, sculptural potentials of mycelium

Cultivation Track

Mushroom Gardening and Forestry

  • Planning a mushroom food forest: land-reading with fungi
  • Installing annual and perennial mushroom patches
  • Mushroom logs: Reishi, Lion’s Mane, Shiitake
  • Mycorrhyzal applications
  • Composts, Mulches, and Companion Planting

Growing Medicinal and Edible Mushrooms at home

  • Bringing wild mushrooms into cultivation: spore vs. tissue culture
  • Growing oysters on straw and other grasses
  • Sterile techniques using a laminar flow hood and still air box
  • Pressure cookery: Setting up your kitchen lab for at-home mycowizardry

Bulk materials preparation and handling

  • Straw preps, pasteurizing, and handling
  • Sawdust / mixes, and steam sterilizing
  • Incubation , organizing, scheduling

Mushroom Fruiting

  • Mushroomhouses, Greenhouses, and Indoor Systems
  • Variety Differences in Practice
  • Harvesting, Handling, and Initiating Further Fruiting


$399 before July 1st

$475 after July 1st

Register Here

How to Get to Orcas Island:  No matter where you start from your last bit of travel will be on a short ocean ferry to Orcas Island.  The city of Anacortes hosts the ferry terminal to Orcas from Washington State, and is situated between Seattle, Washington and Vancouver, British Columbia.  The ferry accepts cars, walk-on , and bicycling passengers.  This link will take you to the ferry reservation site. Orcas Island is in US territory

Tent camping is FREE on event site. RV campers check the web, there are multiple State Park and Private campgrounds on Orcas Island.

Hotels and Hostels on the Island: GoldenTree Hostel , Outlook Inn