Arbuscular Mycorrhiza Ecology and Cultivation Workshop


Arbuscular Mycorrhiza Ecology and Cultivation Workshop

May 20th – 22nd, 2022

Field and Laboratory techniques for surveying, counting, and cultivating Endomycorrhiza.

Hands-On course covering:

  • Soil sampling techniques
  • Sieving for Spore separation and Quantification
  • Root staining for colonization study
  • Microscopic Identification techniques
  • Mycorrhiza Culturing techniques for multiplication

Techniques applicable for:

  • Soil conservation and building
  • Regenerative agriculture assessment
  • Assisting in Heavy Metals phytoremediation
  • Drought Resilience
  • Ecological restoration
  • Endomycorrhiza production

Arbuscular Mycorrhiza are a group of Endo-Mycorrhiza comprised of the Glomeromycota and related fungi. They are common amongst intact soils throughout the world, and are considered of major importance to soil health.

Fossil record shows them within the first land plants, and they display mutualism with over 95% of modern plant species. Their depletion from soils that are mechanically or chemically impacted give rise to topsoil loss, weakened plant growth, and the spread of desertification.

Regenerative farmers, soil conservationists, and restoration ecologists will benefit from the techniques taught in this course, as you will be able to assess population health, plant symbiosis rates, and be able to further increase or introduce arbuscular mycorrhiza populations through cultivation techniques.

In this hands-on course we will teach sampling methods, microscope techniques for monitoring, and cultivation techniques for multiplying Arbuscular Mycorrhiza .  This will open up possibilities for your own study or project grow.


3 days of Hands-On coursework Includes:

  • Lunch and Dinner all three days

  • Handbook

  • Free Tent-Camping on site


Location: Westfir, Oregon

Cost: $375

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