Pop Quiz: Identify this Mushroom ?!?

aslioscpio ntiepmof

So my friends Shay, Hannah, and I went out on a medicinal mushroom harvest on Monday and found this flamboyant fungus, I know what it is, but I’m quizzing you to tell me what you think. Clues: It is upside down in the picture, it grew on a downed log, it has white/yellow spores, and it’s species name does NOT start with “f”.     GO!

4 thoughts on “Pop Quiz: Identify this Mushroom ?!?

  1. I was gonna say artist conk, or birch polypore but that is the name scrambled up there isn’t it? i’m not good with scientific names.

    • Correct! I was hoping someone would guess by the end of the month, good job. The Genus name begins with “F” but not the species, and the Red Belt was the flamboyant feature

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